Calling All Vancouver Gays: Get Tested for Science… and $!

Calling All Vancouver Gays: Get Tested for Science… and $!

published on January 30, 2023 by Adam, in

Before I lose your attention to a “Featured Sports Stud” article with some hunk taking his shirt off I’m gonna highlight what you need to know before you choose to skip this less than “sexy” but extremely important science and health-related story about Vancouver’s Momentum Health Study.

1. Vancouver is running an important and contemporary gay male health study that needs your support to effectively represent our population.

2. You get your full STI panel testing done completely free by a fully-trained and (very nice!) nurse who will have your results ready for you in about a week.

3. You straight up get paid (remunerated) $30 with the possibility of earning $60 more… no joke.

Acknowledging it’s a bit gauche to go so quickly to the money angle while pushing aside the altruism of supporting gay research, I’ve found over the last 3 weeks of talking up this study to friends that the prospect of making money WHILE doing our mandatory 3-4 month STI check-in is what gets most boys’ ears perked so why not lead with a winner, right?

This study is important, it’s relevant, it not only informs researchers about the current state of health and awareness of STIs/STDs and the like but it will also definitely teach you a thing or two in the process. So, please click through and read about how you can easily take part in this study and not only do your part to stay on top of your health but contribute to others at the same time.

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