Vax004 Trial

Thomas M. Lampinen, Keith Chan, Robert S. Remis, Maraki Fikre Merid, Melanie Rusch, Jean Vincelette, Ken Logue, Vladimir Popovic, Michael Alary, Martin T. Schechter and Robert S. Hogg. Sexual risk behaviour of Canadian participants in the first efficacy trial of preventive HIV-1 vaccine. CMAJ. 2005 February 15;172(4): 479-483. PubMed

A E Weber, K Chan, A Schilder, K J P Craib, M L Miller, S Martindale, R S Hogg. HIV risk profile of crystal methamphetamine users in a cohort of young men who have sex with men. The XIV International AIDS Conference. Abstract no. MoPeC3454.
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