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Lachowsky NJ, Cui Z, Rich A, Sereda P, Roth EA, Hogg RS, Moore MD. Agreement Between Gay, Bisexual, and other Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM)’s Period Prevalence and Event-Level Recall of Sexual Behavior: Implications for Research & Evidence. Presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting; 2015 October 31 - November 4; Chicago, United States.

Rich A, Lachowsky NJ, Scott K, Blackwell ED, Johnston C, Moore DM, Hogg RS, Roth EA. Narratives of Antiretroviral therapy (ART)-based HIV prevention acceptability and use: Findings from interviews with transgender gay and queer men in Vancouver, British Columbia. Presented at the Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health Conference; 2015 October 1-4; Halifax, Canada.

Lachowsky NJ, Howard T, Cui Z, Sereda P, Rich A, Lal A, Roth EA, Hogg RS, Moore DM. March/April 2015. Condom Use During Anal Intercourse and Other Prevention Strategies Among HIV-Positive MSM in Vancouver, British Columbia. Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol Vol 26 Suppl B.
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Rich A, Lachowsky NJ, Cui Z, Sereda P, Lal A, Moore D, Hogg RS, Roth EA. March/April 2015. Substance Use, Sexual Behaviour, and Sero-Adaptive Strategies of Vancouver Gay and Bisexual “Group Sex Event (GSE)” Attendees. Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol Vol 26 Suppl B.
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Lal A, Forrest JI, Michelow W, Roth EA, Moore D, Hogg RS. Measuring HAART Optimism. Presented at the 8th Annual Gay Men’s Health Summit; 2012 November 2; Vancouver, Canada.
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