Oral Presentations

Lal A, Rich A, Grace D, Jollimore J, and Forrest J. The Social Determinants of HIV Risk Compensation. 8th Annual Gay Men’s Health Summit (GMHS); 2012 November 1-2; Vancouver, Canada.

Forrest JI, Lal A, Rich A, Michelow W, Morre D, Hogg RS & Roth EA. Challenges and opportunities in using Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) to recruit MSM for HIV bio-behavioural research. Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) Research Conference. November 2012. Toronto, Ontario.
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Rich A, Forrest JI, Small W, Michelow W, Moore D, Hogg RS, Roth EA. Narratives of sexual health knowledge, attitudes and beliefs: Informing the measurement of treatment optimism among gay, bisexual men. 22nd Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR).

Michelow W, Roth EA, Forrest JI, Lal A, Moore D, Hogg RS. Group sex events for men who have sex with men (MSM) are associated with higher income, sensation-seeking, and high risk sexual encounters in Vancouver, British Columbia. 22nd Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR).

Card K, Lachowsky NJ, Rich A, Cui Z, Sereda P, Jollimore J, Howard T, Moore DM, Hogg RS, Roth EA. Seroadapative Strategies of Gay & Bisexual Men With More Frequent Partner Change in the Momentum Health Study. Presented at the Community-Based Research Centre Gay Men's Health Summit; 2015 November 9-10; Vancouver, Canada.